Our Process

How we achieve the impossible

We’ve spent many years honing our skills, doing all we can to perfect the building process. What we’ve learned in doing this is that the creation of a great home is equal parts art and science, requiring a curious eye and a calculating mind. And in the end, while there are many small details to manage, we believe that achieving your dreams is as easy as 1,2,3:

1) Concept

Whether you bring your own or collaborate with us to create them, all of our best work starts with well-laid plains and imaginative designs. Whichever approach you choose, we can help you refine your ideas and plans to ensure that they are not only achievable but also everything you imagined. Your big idea can become a reality; it’s all a matter of a considered approach and a keen eye. There will be no nook, cranny or concept that is not checked and rechecked for style, practicality and feasibility.

2) Consensus

Everyone involved in making your dream home a reality will get a say before any ground is broken. This means you, our team and your local council shall examine all finalised concepts prior to implementation; this ensures that every aspect of the build, whether it is a full home or an extension, is above board in the minds of all concerned.

3) Creation

With everything drawn up and approved, the fun can begin; and we do mean fun. With us on your side, the construction and completion phases of the project are more of an adventure than a hassle. We eliminate all the confusion and chaos, managing every detail for you, communicating with every added trade required to complete the job.

The Buckley Brothers Homes team will be there by your side during every phase of the project, acting as your guide and your friend.


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